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We Love our Grandparents!

Midkiff Elementary honored our grandparents on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. It was a full house! During our “Grandparent’s Celebration,” students read a book with their grandparents and created a take home activity for them.
Thank you Grandparents! We really enjoyed your visit!
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Summer Reading Assignments

To help our students start the next school year ready, MCISD students were able to choose two books to read this summer. We ask your child to read their books and complete the two book reports that were sent along with their books. These two book reports will be their first graded assignments so it is imperative that they complete the assignments and turn them in on the first day of school.
Summer is an important time for students to keep reading and improve their language skills. Make some time every day for reading.
Attached are the book report templates just in case they are needed.
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myON Contest from June 1st - Aug. 31st

myON is a personalized literacy program that provides access to the largest integrated collection of digital books with reading supports, customized to a student’s interest and reading abilities.
Our Midkiff students are already benefitting from myON® through their school accounts, and they should continue to use their student login.
Students log in with the following:
Use the following link: www.myon.com: type in Midkiff Elementary
Username: ID Number
Password: s ID Number (a lower case "s" before the ID number)

Students in each grade level with the highest number of books read in combination with number of hours read, will be receiving a Kindle Notebook!
-Click on link for more details.
Enjoy SUMMER READING with myOn!
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Third Grade "Lemonade Wars"

After reading "Lemonade Wars," Mrs. Cantu, Mrs. Rodriguez, and Mrs. Leal's third grade students were encouraged have their own "Lemonade Wars" amongst their classes. They all brought a part of the ingredients and did their own measuring and mixing.
Author, Jaqueline Davies includes math problems, charts and graphs, business plans, business terminology and definitions to engage readers.

The third grade classes are currently reading the next book in the series, "The Lemonade Crime."
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Midkiff and HEB Palmhurst Literacy Night

H-E-B Palmhurst hosted their first monthly literacy night in collaboration with Midkiff Elementary, on Tuesday, May 16th at 6:00 p.m. in the Literacy Center, showcasing students as the celebrated artists.

Mrs. Illiana Gomez's second grade students created sock puppets with the help of their parents for their selected story, “Wayside School is Falling Down.” They acted out chapters 1 and 4 from the story with their puppets at H-E-B Palmhurst using a festive stage provided by their literacy center. Midkiff students, staff, parents, H-E-B corporate office, and the community were invited to enjoy the show.
The cast of characters were: Sofia Serrano: as the Narrator, Ryan Guzman: as the Delivery Man, Arnold Ochoa: as Louis, the yard teacher, Angelina Garcia: as Mrs. Jewls, the classroom teacher, Jose Garza: as Mac, Christian Ramon: as John, Kiana Lopez: as Allison, and Chloe Sanchez: as Jenny.
Great job Mrs. Gomez and students! You were SPECTACULAR!!
Thank you H-E-B Palmhurst, Mr. A.B. Moreno, and parents for your support!
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Gladys Porter Zoo visits Midkiff

As winners of the "Books Come Alive" contest, third grade students enjoyed a special visit form Gladys Porter Zoo. Zookeeper, Mr. Zepeda, introduced his special guests to students: a tarantula, a tortoise, a snake, a chinchilla, and a parrot. Students learned about the animals' characteristics and adaptations. In addition, he explained why it is important to protect wild animals and their habitats since some of these animals, like the chinchilla are endangered.
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25 Midkiff Students Selected for Publication!

Congratulations to go out to Midkiff Elementary students on being selected for publication in the Young American Poetry Digest!

Mrs. Rios, Midkiff Elementary Librarian, taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about the elements of Haiku Poetry and had students write and illustrate their own.
Twenty five students' poems were selected and will be included in the next publication of Young American Poetry Digest, due out in October of 2017.
Poems were selected based on creativity, age appropriateness, sensory/figurative language, structure, and poetic techniques.

Third grade: Mia Ayala, Keydey Bautista, Hailey Botello, Evelyn Castorena, Andrea Peña
Fourth grade: Thamara Garcia, Desire Jaime, Andrea Luna, Elioenai Muñoz, Mikaela Segundo, Aliyah Torres, Jazhiel Trevino
Fifth grade: Aaliyah Eaden, Holly Garza, Benjamin Kegley, Emmanuel Kelley, Adriana Lerma, Yovanka Martinez, Victoria Mendez, Juan Mendoza, Annette Morales,Cristian Quintero, Stefanny Sanchez, Angel Tovar, Tyler Vela

Way to go Mavericks!
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5th Grade Visits the National Butterfly Center

5th graders explored trails through the National Butterfly Center and learned about the important role butterflies play in pollination, plant growth and sustainable food sources. In addition, they met a few of the different animals that inhabit the center.
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