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AR Star testing begins (1st-5th)

Sept. 21-Oct. 16, 2020
Ensure that your child tests Independently so that they are placed at the appropriate reading level
Asegúrese de que su hijo evalúe de forma Independiente para que los resultados estén en el nivel adecuado
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AR Testing Begins

Visit the Midkiff Library's Google Classroom for more details on Accelerated Reading.

Visite Google Classroom de la biblioteca Midkiff para obtener más detalles sobre A.R.
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Midkiff Celebrates our Grandparents Virtually

Midkiff students Celebrate their Grandparents this week virtually. They listened to the story "How to Babysit A Grandma." Next, students completed an interview with their grandparent(s), created an activity, and shared their beautiful pictures through the Library's Google Classroom. Thank you parents, grandparents and students for participating and sharing your beautiful pictures!
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First Virtual Day of School Picture Backgrounds

Each of the pdf's attached can be printed for use in first day of school pictures. Just be sure to write our school's name in the spot for that and then use the hashtag #MCISD1stDay when you share your pictures on social media!

See everyone online September 8th!

Use the Hashtag #MCISD1stDay
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