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Pre-K Teacher

Welcome to Mrs's Adame Classroom
Mrs. Adame's Schedule

7:30-7:45           Breakfast/ announcements

7:45-8:30           Morning songs/calendar

8:30-9:00           PE/Music/counseling

9:00-9:30           Circle time Language Arts/Social Studies

9:30-10:30          Language Arts/Artes de Lenguaje

10:30-10:45        Cleanup and get ready for lunch

10:45-11:15         Lunch

11:15-11:35          Recess

11:35-12:00        Circle time Math/Science

12:00-12:45       Tablets Imagine math/smarty ants

12:45-1:30         Math

1:30-2:15           PK3 nap/ PK4 review(intervention)

2:15-2:30          Snack

2:30-3:15          Cleanup/ end of day closing activities/ get ready to go home


Mon: Music
Tues: Cada dos semanas Counseling
Wed. P.E.
Thurs: P.E.
Fri: P.E.